Grow Purpose Network is a mission-driven consulting firm that addresses social and environmental issues in empowering and effective ways.

We do this by providing direct services to clients and by coordinating collaborative projects.

Based in Charleston, SC, Grow Purpose  was founded by community educators and organizers who, together, have over 30 years of community service, development, and educational experience in the Lowcountry.

OUR MISSION: We are here to help all of us, independently and collectively, get where we want to grow: thoughtfully, effectively, and purposefully.

OUR CLIENTS: Our clients include non-profit organizations, small businesses, entrepreneurs and investors who share our commitment to community service through education, empowerment, social entrepreneurship and environmental preservation.

OUR PROJECTS: By facilitating community collaborations among diverse entities, we are able to tackle big problems in more effective ways. Together, we can help each other build capacity and reach our loftiest goals more successfully than we can working independently.

OUR MANTRA: “Do Good. Feel Good. Repeat.”

OUR APPROACH: We believe that collaboration is the key to overcoming the barriers to our collective success.

We all face obstacles in our community work.

  • Nonprofits spend tons of time and resources chasing money and marketing themselves at the expense of serving their mission
  • Small Businesses focus on their competitors, ownership and control and end up having to do everything by themselves , often at great financial cost
  • Social Entrepreneurs have innovative solutions to major problems but lack both experience and access to capital which are essential to their success
  • Community Investors have difficulty finding nonprofits and entrepreneurs with the capacity to take advantage of their capital

Grow Purpose Network builds solutions to overcome these obstacles by

  • helping organizations and small businesses build their capacity
  • facilitating collaborations that make more effective use of resources
  • connecting projects with funders


We appreciate the opportunity to work with you!


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