Bringing Diverse Changemakers Together

Our good friend and colleague, Stuart Williams, will be bringing together a diverse community of changemakers this Summer in Charleston. The NOCAP Conference will be the social entrepreneurship conference that is truly accessible to all. We are delighted to be a part of the rapidly growing community of social entrepreneurs and innovative problem-solvers here in Charleston and hope you will be able to join us this summer.

“NOCAP is exactly what it says it is, an event for people innovating solutions proven to already work, but do not have the capital to scale them. These are the innovators who live, eat, sleep, and work (where there is opportunity) within the middle of the social, economic and environmental problems that need to be solved. These are the people that understand the problems better than anyone else, and these are the people who have remarkable innovations for solutions to those problems. In summary, these are the people who need to be heard.” – Stuart Williams, In Place Impact


The Social Enterprise Conference for People
Who Can’t Afford Social Enterprise Conferences
July 10, 2018
Charleston, SC

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