• A Charleston Primer

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    Although Charleston is one of the most historic cities in the United States -many would say the most historic- her history, and that of South Carolina as a whole, is not widely known.

    Did You Know?

    • A vastly outnumbered, hurriedly trained and ill-equipped South Carolina militia gave America its first major victory of the American Revolutionary War
    • The battle that essentially won the war for America was fought in South Carolina's Upcountry.
    • More battles were fought in South Carolina than in any other state.
    • South Carolina lost more men per capita to war than any other state.
    • And after the war ended, South Carolina was saddled with more war debt than any other state.
  • About The Author: Skip Johnson

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    Skip Johnson was an award-winning newspaperman for 30 years until he took early retirement in 1992 to become an independent writer. Since then he has written many magazine articles and two nonfiction books: The Gospel of Yeshua: A Fresh Look at the Life and Teaching of Jesus (Corinthian Books, 2001), and A Charleston Primer: History with a Southern Accent (Meeting Street Press, 2010).

    Skip was born and reared in South Carolina. After graduating from high school in Charleston, he enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve and spent six months undergoing basic training at Parris Island, S.C., and combat training at Camp Geiger N.C. He then attended Wofford College and Brevard College before beginning his newspaper career as a news reporter with The Florence (S.C.) Morning News in 1960. Early in his career Skip helped cover the desegregation of Alabama for The Associated Press, then served as chief political writer for The Orlando Sentinel and, later, state capital bureau chief for The Tampa Tribune before he was promoted to state editor of The Tribune. Other editorial positions he has held include managing editor of The New Bedford (Mass.) Standard-Times, and city editor of The Yonkers (N.Y.) Herald-Statesman. In 1985 Skip returned to his first love, writing, and spent the next six years as a multiple award-winning writer for The (Charleston, S.C.) News and Courier, where he specialized in making complicated stories simple to understand. He was the newspaper's religion editor and columnist in 1992 when he resigned to become an independent writer.

    Skip and his wife, Sue, live in Charleston. They have two daughters and four grandsons.

  • About "A Charleston Primer"

    The idea for this primer came from the realization that visitors to Charleston had no quick and easy way to learn this city's incredible history.

    Visitors could take any number and types of tours and see sites where American history was written, but they had no quick way to string the stories of those sites into an understanding of the city. They could read one of the many excellent books that have been published on Charleston and its history, but unfortunately for tourists with little time on their hands those books were unfailingly long and would take hours to absorb.

    And that was a shame. Especially given the central role of South Carolina in the American Revolutionary War.

    Charleston's history during the Civil War is much better known, but often in a distorted version. There's no doubt Charleston was the hotbed of slavery and led the way into the Civil War, but all white Charlestonians were not slave-whuppin', black-hatin' bigots. Fewer than three percent of the people owned slaves, and among those who did were a number of black freedmen. Some Charlestonians were so opposed to slavery they rioted in the streets.

    So this little book (68 pages) is intended to give those not familiar with this city's incredible history a chance to learn it in one or two sittings. My purpose from the beginning was to compress the story into a short, accurate, readable and inexpensive narrative that will reach as many people as possible.

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