Charleston Village Network is an online senior resource center and inter-generational community serving diverse local constituents including the elderly, stay-at-home moms, homeschoolers, and the differently-abled, to name a few. While our focus is on “aging in place,” we hope to inspire and support much broader community-building.

We are part of a national “Village Movement” that started with Beacon Hill Village in Massachusetts in 2002, and now includes over 120 villages in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the Netherlands,

Like all the villages, Charleston Village Network aims to be community-driven. We have identified some basic needs and have launched the network with these in mind but we hope that our village will evolve in a myriad of ways we might not have even imagined!


  • We facilitate cross-generational supportive and engaging interactions and relationships through our ONLINE GROUP
  • We provide vital information on national, regional, and community RESOURCES that support our community elders and aging in place
  • We increase access to affordable and trustworthy VENDORS offering products and services related to housing, mobility, health, safety, recreation, culture, finances, and life-long learning
  • We encourage people to keep in mind that “We all grow old – Let’s do it well, together!”