Client Spotlight – Barbados and Carolinas Legacy Foundation


In the past few decades U.S. scholars have spent much time studying the close ties between Barbados and the Carolinas. One historian has claimed that Carolina was essentially a colony of Barbados during the colonial period—a “colony of a colony.” Barbados was also deemed as a “culture hearth.” And the “Barbados model” was used to describe the British plantation system found throughout the British American colonies. Barbados’s records and history continue to be unearthed, studied, and analyzed.

Barbados and Barbadians have emerged as custodians of an important part of shared history and legacy that is inextricably linked to the Carolinas. Barbados now has a unique responsibility to the world community to be good stewards and participants in collaboration, discussion, and understanding of this shared history offer.
~ Rhoda Green, BCLF Founder

On October 18th, the Barbados and Carolinas Foundation is hosting an exciting educational program in Charleston connecting local youth with mentor photographers and historians for an engaging experience known as ZOOM IN REACH OUT.

Special thanks goes out to the Soul Food Foundation, for donating a Lowcountry luncheon for all participants, and to Family TYES, SC for support in making this event happen!


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