LOVE INC empowers local communities to work together for the common good.

When we originally incorporated, our focus was on providing caring support to seniors.

While that is still a central priority of our work, we have added other components to our organization that have broadened our mission and increased both our efficacy and our impact.

LOVE INC has partnered with CharlestonGOOD, a volunteer-driven grassroots media outlet and support network, to help both organizations increase their capacity to serve our community.

Together, we provide not only media, marketing and support services to grassroots initiatives, but also we act as collaborative partners or fiscal sponsors when that is the most effective way to help make good things happen.

We are already making a bigger difference in the Lowcountry.

Since hosting the #goodsharing conference in 2015 which launched a local movement of collaborative problem-solving and resource-sharing, we have been actively collaborating on unique events that are educating the public, and connecting people in meaningful ways.

We hope you will join us in our collaborative efforts to improve our community and enhance our beautiful environment.

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