#GOODSHARING GATHERINGS are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, evolve according to the needs and desires of participants, but center on supportive conversation, brainstorming, resource-sharing, project development, and collaborative planning and networking. We launched the #Goodsharing Movement two years ago because we believe that we can maximize our collective community impact by working […]

Come Experience #GOODSHARING

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance, in partnership with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, recently released their 2017 Regional Economic Scorecard. The purpose of the scorecard is to track economic progress indicators on the tri-county area. This work coincides with the efforts of the One Region Global Competitive Strategy, launched […]

2017 Regional Economic Scorecard Released

Kate Soper’s “A New Hedonism: A Post-Consumerism Vision” offers an inspiring vision for a ” new philosophy of progress” and a call to action for all of us to act on what we know to be true. Are we ready to #risetotheoccasion and adopt “one planet” living?   “The consumerist […]

A New “Philosophy of Progress”

FEATURED CAMPAIGNS  Get GoGetFunding’s Fundraising Ideas Let us help you with your crowdfunding campaign, for free. GrowPurpose has partnered with GoGetFunding in order to create a win-win partnership with local nonprofit groups. If you are planning to run a crowdfunding campaign, we are interested in partnering with you to […]

Win-Win with Collaborative Crowdfunding

  “Too many organizations are working in isolation from one another. Collective Impact brings people together, in a structured way, to achieve social change.” source/info: collectiveimpactforum.org/what-collective-impact PLEASE SHARE:by

What Exactly is “Collective Impact”? [video]