COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY BUILDING: REDUCE REDUNDANCY and INCREASE IMPACT (Part 1) I have seen people doing some amazing things over the years working with different groups in the non-profit and for-profit sector.  It has also become apparent that many groups who are passionate about their missions often struggle with the day to day […]

COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITY BUILDING: Reduce Redundancy & Increase Impact (Part 1)

It was great to reconnect to Dr. Drew Lanham again last week at the Lowcountry Audubon Society events organized by Jessica Hardesty Norris and promoted by  Drew Lanham has the ability to unite and inspire people of all backgrounds to become interested in environmental issues.  His talents have been […]

Drew Lanham- Bringing Diverse Audiences to Environmental issues.

Coping effectively with climate change is going to take leadership and collaboration. That is the point of both of the events listed below. We hope you will attend, and that you will share the info with local organizations, neighborhood groups, and grassroots leaders in your community.   JULY 14 – […]

Climate Change: Obstacles & Opportunities for the Lowcountry

  We do what ever we can to support engaging education projects that address global issues. Long-term solutions will come from educating the next generation and preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow. Future leaders must be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to deal with social, […]

Education Global Issues

Getting good ideas off the ground can be difficult and frustrating.  It takes time to build relationships with the  and learn about a particular area and resource. The truth of the matter is, I have been doing similar work my whole life with the following simple philosophy: “Use what you […]

Growing Purpose Through Collaborative Community Building

Grow Purpose Network recently hosted a small gathering of folks working in the ARTS COMMUNITY to discuss goals, obstacles, funding, collaboration, etc. We were joined by Kerri Forrest of the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation that operates both in Chicago and in the Lowcountry. Here are a few notes from […]

Collaborative Community Arts Discussion…