“Revolutionizing Community Impact by Aligning Passion, Purpose, and Profit”



“Revolutionizing Community Impact by Aligning Passion, Purpose, and Profit”
Thursday / Dec. 14th / 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Wells Fargo Auditorium, College Of Charleston, 5 Liberty St.

“What is in our heads will make us marginally dangerous to the status quo, what is in our hearts will make us a global force to be reckoned with.” – Stuart Williams, founder of In Place Impact and a professor at the College of Charleston.

Please join our next IDEAS INTO ACTION with thought-leaders, Stuart Williams, founder of In Place Impact and Darrin Goss, President of the Coastal Community Foundation. They’ll share innovative and thought-provoking solutions to increase our individual and collective impact and encourage courageous leadership for our most precious assets — humanity and the environment, the only two things too big to fail.

Attendees will be given a copy of Stuart Williams upcoming book release, The Status Quo: The Greatest Pyramid Scheme in History.


Stuart Williams: In 1993 Stuart Williams co-designed the thesis of “Making A Profit While Making A Difference” which to many was one of the true catalysts behind the growth in Impact Entrepreneurship. Today, Stuart remains a visionary and leader who creates, and or redesigns private and public ecosystems built to succeed through an alignment with the values and virtues of the Millennial and future generations.

Darrin Goss: Darrin is a leader across sectors, including government, nonprofits, higher education and private industry. Before becoming President of the Coastal Community Foundation, Darrin worked as President & CEO of Capital Area United Way in Baton Rouge, LA and Vice President of Community Impact at United Way of Greenville County. Darrin participated in The Riley Institute’s Diversity Leadership Institute in 2010 and is a Class of 2018 Liberty Fellow.

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