With Liberty, Justice, and Wildness for All

It’s great to see SC author, birder, and educator Drew Lanham laying it down for us in these crazy times…

“So I ask you, implore you, please Dear USA, try to keep as much of yourself green and unpaved, undrilled, undeveloped, and untrammeled as you can. Please see wildness as an inalienable right. Please stop seeing land and soil and trees as commodities to be bought and sold. Please stop driving animals to extinction and warming up the globe (and denying you’re doing so). Please understand that rights to clean air, clean water, and nutritious whole foods and access to green spaces are essential civil rights. You see where exploitation got you with my people. Don’t continue to commit the inhumane sins of the past against nature. Yes, there’s already been a shit ton of damage done to us and the wild world, but there’s time to make things right. You can begin now.”


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