2017 Regional Economic Scorecard Released

The Charleston Regional Development Alliance, in partnership with the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, recently released their 2017 Regional Economic Scorecard.

The purpose of the scorecard is to track economic progress indicators on the tri-county area.

This work coincides with the efforts of the One Region Global Competitive Strategy, launched back in May of 2016, which aims to foster a collaborative approach to improving our local economy.


“The goal of the One Region Global Competitiveness Strategy
is to work collaboratively as a region to further enhance the
economy through advancements in talent, infrastructure, and
other assets characteristic of a globally competitive metro.
The data highlighted throughout the 2017 Regional Economic
Scorecard indicates the region is moving in the right direction. “


READ THE SCORECARD: crda.org/economicscorecard or charlestonchamber.org/economicscorecard


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