A Salute to Salt Marshes

One need only stop by a few local art galleries to see that we love our saltmarshes here in the Lowcountry.

But beyond their beauty, they are vital to our local ecosystem.

“Salt marshes, like many wetlands, play an important role in healthy shorelines. They are crucial habitat for terrestrial and marine species, and provide a safe place to hide, find mates and raise young. Many commercially- and recreationally-important fish species live in salt marshes as juveniles, and many bird species take advantage of the high grasses in the marsh to feed and nest. According to NOAA, 75% of fisheries species use salt marshes for food, shelter or as a nursery, including popular seafood species like shrimp and blue crab.”

Check out more reasons why saltmarshes are crucial to our environment on this salute from Ocean Conservancy:

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