ACT NOW: Join the Fund the CAP Campaign

From our partners at Charleston Climate Coalition…

Dear climate cast and crew,

We’ve got a simple, effective way for you to help push forward local climate action: reach out to the City of Charleston and ensure their Climate Action Plan is properly funded in the next budget. This month is a crucial one for ensuring the CAP has the staff and project funding it needs to be effective. Your voice could make the difference!

If everyone on the CCC mailing list reached out, the City would be overwhelmed with all the public input, and they’d listen. Will you take a moment to add your voice to the campaign?

You can find talking points, how to find your council member, the budget timeline, and more at the action hub:

We’re holding an action meeting for the Fund the CAP campaign next Wednesday, 9/21, at the Main Library Auditorium at 68 Calhoun Street. We’ll be getting everyone up to speed on the campaign thus far, but we’ll also be involving you as an active planner and collaborator — you’ll help brainstorm a 30-day plan for pushing Fund the CAP goals and then be one of the activists to carry it out!

Pre-register for the Fund the CAP Action Meeting here: (and feel free to come without preregistering — it just helps us know about how many to expect, and to pass on info to those who wanted to come but end up not making it.)

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