We Need to Grow a Resilient Food System from the Ground Up

Hunger and food insecurity were bad enough with 1 in 9 families suffering prior to the pandemic.

Now the situation is even worse, and our food banks and other charities cannot keep up with the pae of demand for support.

We need to nourish our food system from the bottom up and that means we start with soil.

“Among other serious flaws, our food system has relied on a profoundly unsustainable model of agriculture for decades, but there is a better way right under our feet. Healthy, “living soil”—teeming with beneficial fungi, microbes, and living plant roots—promotes healthier crops, buffers against floods and droughts, and keeps carbon in the ground. It also reduces the need for pesticides and purchased fertilizer, prevents water pollution, and can make farms more productive and profitable. Investing in living soil would benefit US farmers as well as downstream communities and all of us eaters.”

It’s time to stand up in support  of our farmers and the “living soil” we all need to thrive.

Please join the Union of Concerned Scientists and “urge your legislator to give farmers the tools they need to rebuild the soil and our resilience to the next crisis.”



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