“Alarm system failed to work at Columbia nuclear fuel plant, agency reports”

The plant is expected to get a 40-year license renewal in the next few days.

A nuclear accident warning system failed to operate at the troubled Westinghouse atomic fuel plant near Columbia recently after part of the plant suffered a loss of power, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 

The incident involved an alarm system that is supposed to warn of a “criticality’’ event, or a burst of radiation that could endanger workers inside the Westinghouse fuel plant southeast of Columbia. 
A circuit breaker tripped Aug. 23, causing the loss of power to the plant’s criticality accident alarm system, according to an incident report Westinghouse provided to the NRC. 

The warning system failure at Westinghouse occurred just weeks before the NRC is expected to issue a license for the aging nuclear plant to continue operating another 40 years. Many people opposed the 40-year license, arguing that the plant’s history of pollution and safety missteps warranted a shorter license period.    […]


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