“Bus to the Beach this Summer”

From our friends at Best Friends of Lowcountry Transit…

Bus to the Beach this Summer

The Bus to the Beach is free and now connects directly to the #40 Mount Pleasant bus and free parking right in Mt. Pleasant. Arrive right at the County park with free bathrooms, changing rooms and showers (if you don’t have a car). Avoid the hassles of parking and traffic. The rest area next to the stop is shaded an d has seating.

We’ve been on the bus a lot. The one comment we get from the people who have been driving is about how much the enjoy the view and relaxed trip. Nobody is on your bumper.

Full details on the shuttle can be found on CARTA’s official Beach Reach web page. 

Additional background can be found on our web page.

Every trip on every route is used to calculate funding for CARTA. Please share this wonderful option for enjoying our beach with your friends.


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