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CAMPAIGN: Good Jobs for All

The Sunrise Movement launched their Jobs for All Campaign on March 4, 2021.

Their goal is simple:

Guaranteeing good jobs will help stop the climate crisis

This year, Sunrise Movement is demanding that our government enact a demand a Green New Deal that guarantees jobs to build a just, sustainable and people-centered economy to anyone who wants one. There are millions of us looking for good work, and so much good work that needs to be done. It will take millions of people to build a new energy grid, care for older folks, teach little kids, restore parks and buildings that have fallen into disrepair and do the work of building happy, healthy communities. This year, we can put millions of people back to work in good paying jobs building a sustainable, just and people-centered economy.”

A Federal Jobs Guarantee will help end the COVID Recession

There are millions of Americans who are unemployed or underemployed, and our leaders have no plan to put people back to work as we slowly recover from COVID-19. All year long, we will continue fighting for Good Jobs for All, but if Democrats begin watering down the COVID relief bill, or writing an infrastructure bill that gives handouts to corporations – we’ll need to be prepared to intervene in those fight and use our people power to make sure whatever Congress passes this year is as ambitious and just as possible.”

We need Federal Jobs Guarantee to address those suffering from climate disasters

Winter storm Uri in Texas is a key example of how we are not prepared for the realities of climate change on our communities and infrastructure. From wildfires in the west, floods in the center and storms in the south we have been seeing a rise in climate disasters and their destructive effects over the last 30 years. The climate is rapidly changing around us and we need people with good guaranteed jobs to revolutionize our infrastructure and protect our cities and communities from climate devastation.

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