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Here is what some good folks have to say about the importance of our work…

2 Canal Street in Charleston maybe the most generous, gracious, loving home on the Peninsula. The Chas family is always welcoming. They always volunteer to help the community and non-profits reach their highest good. They are the embodiment of giving back. They live it: They are a family that has an open door policy; A family that started CHARLESTON GOOD, an organization dedicated to showcasing the good in our small town; A family that demonstrates what “loving thy neighbor as thyself” really means; They open their home every week to organizations who need to come together for fellowship; They give everything, and they never ask for anything.
-Cathryn Zommer, Enough Pie

“If we are brutally honest, there may be more social tension in America today than at any other time in its history. It is no longer only racial, as religion and income are proving to be every bit as polarizing. Every community needs places that promote inclusiveness, understanding and the opportunity to collaborate. In Charleston, 2 Canal Street is a leading example of how when people come together, good things can happen.”
-Stuart Williams, In Place Impact

“For the last 15 years I have been involved with nonprofit organizations In some way, shape or form. In that time, CharlestonGood and the Good House were the first to actively support and encourage the grassroots little guys in the larger pool. Todd and Jacara Chas are two heavy hitters when it comes to opening their space and hearts to collaboration. Todd is the co-founder of Fresh Future Farm and the Chicora-Cherokee community is forever grateful for  this family’s around the clock service to others.
-Germaine Jenkins, Fresh Future Farm

“Charleston Good and the Chas Family are a blessing to Charleston. Their dedication to the community is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. They’re always willing to lend a helping hand, to offer their expertise where needed, and open their home to the community so we can have a comfortable inviting space to grow together.”
– Jessica Boylston-Fagonde, Ideas Into Action

“With Charleston Good and the Good House, Todd and Jacara are offering a very unique, dynamic and indispensable resource for bringing this diverse community together. The atmosphere and energy at the Good House is always wonderfully welcoming and supportive offering the perfect setting for connecting, sharing and, ultimately, giving life to a wide range of incredible ideas that I wholeheartedly believe will benefit this community and beyond. I’m most grateful to have this amazing resource available!”
-Adam Chandler, Adam Chandler Photography & co-owner of Sunday Brunch Farmers Market

“The Good House is exactly that – a place where people come together with the intention of doing something good in the world. Todd and Jacara open their house up for a multitude of different meetings and events with the sole purpose of inspiring people to pursue good things and help their communities. Our group, Knowledge Erases Hate, would not exist if it had not been for the email I received from CharlestonGOOD saying that they supported the interfaith/intercultural work I was doing in the community and offering to both promote our events and allow us to utilize their house as a meeting space. CharlestonGOOD and the Good House bring together people with passions, ideas, and dreams to make this world a better place, and provide them with a location and a platform to do so.”
– Aisha Miller, Knowledge Erases Hate

“CharlestonGOOD (CG) has been an incredible partner in the launch of the Resilience Initiative for Coastal Education (RICE). It has been a pleasure working with CG to engage a broader audience in the Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and Marine/Aquatic Debris discussions. We look forward to furthering our collaboration with CG as we start phase two of the RICE campaign with the release of our documentaries in November.”
– Albert George, SC Aquarium

“CharlestonGOOD and The GOOD House have been an awesome addition to the Charleston non profit community. The meetings, events and gatherings they hold are integral to non-profits like ours pooling resources, networking, and providing a neutral space where all thoughts and ideas are welcome and appreciated. We have enjoyed our partnerships with CharlestonGOOD and the use of the meeting space at The GOOD House has been a blessing for our non profit.”
– Daniel Stern, Charleston Jewish Community Center Without Walls

“CharlestonGOOD & the GOOD House have been phenomenal community conduits: bringing passionate people together to build a more equitable, resilient and vibrant community”
– Ian Sanchez, Grow Purpose

“We are so grateful for The Good House! The Chas family has generously opened their home to groups and community leaders who are doing GOOD in the city. This space continuously hosts strategy sessions, racial justice workshops, poetry readings, planning meetings, dialogue parties, and so much more! It is filled with the spirit of kindness, much like its owners. We encourage all who have experienced the good energy of The Good House to help sustain it by making a donation!”
– Melissa Moore, We Are Family

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We are Family
Transformative Teaching Collective
Charleston Jewish Community Center Without Walls
Charlestown Sounds
Soul Power Productions
Knowledge Erases Hate
Sustainability Institute
Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor
Energy Conservation Corps
The Conqueror Movement
SC Aquarium
Safe Cities Charleston
Harleston Neighbor2Neighbor
Begin with Books
Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club Mentors
Preserve the Gullah | Suga Shack
Be Blessed Daily
Lowcountry Aids Services
Enough Pie|Awakening
Shifa Free Clinic
Compost Rangers
Wild Ideaz
Stone Soup Collective
Wose African Drumming & Dance
Outdoor Afro
Charleston Black Theatre
Art Pot
One H.E.A.R.T.
Operation Vet Fit
Girls Rock Charleston
So Exquisite Charleston
Charleston & Mt. Pleasant Therapeutic Sports
ABx Creatives
Recharge Holistics
Community Leaders Institute
Black Brown Alliance
Audubon SC
Warrior Surf
Creative Mornings
People Against Rape
Club Horizon
Beyond Basics Lifeskills
Black Ink Book Festival
Charleston Black Theatre
Charleston Friends of the Library
Be Blessed Daily
Ill Vibe the Tribe
Tri-County Womens Project
Charleston Library of Things
Distinguished Gentlemen Club Mentors
Planned Parenthood SC
Ebony City Soccer Club
Project Okurase
Lowcountry Barbers & Books
SC Conservation Voters
Outdoor Afro Charleston

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