Why We Are Leaving Facebook For Good

We already built a purpose-driven alternative

As many of you know, we have been frustrated with Facebook for a long time. When we originally launched the Goodsharing Network, our hyper-local, ad-free, feature-rich social media platform, it was largely out of frustration with:

  • the ineffectiveness of Facebook as an outreach tool for a volunteer-run grassroots nonprofit unwilling to throw money into advertising
  • the time-sucking experience of trying to stay on top of meaningful content amidst the endless clutter on our Facebook feed
  • the discomfort we couldn’t shake about Facebook’s constant mining of our personal data.

Here are additional reasons that we have decided to pull the plug on Facebook for good…

Facebook is a threat to our public health, to our civic life and to our democracy

But most importantly for us, Facebook is fostering racism and white supremacy

What we will be doing instead

We’re going all in on Goodsharing.net our free alternative to Facebook.

We believe it gives you better control whether you are an individual or business/organization,  without any of the privacy concerns, since we are not selling your data, or manipulating you with algorithms to serve our bottom line.

So when you are ready to make a positive change, we hope you will join us: Goodsharing.net and CharlestonGood.com

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About the author

Charleston Good is the Lowcountry’s Grassroots Resource & Support Network.
Our mission is to develop, support, and promote nonprofit and grassroots people, projects, organizations and collaborations in the Lowcountry. We are founders of the #goodsharing movement and we believe in #collaborating4change