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Project Okurase at MUSC farm 1.19.16

We do what ever we can to support engaging education projects that address global issues.

Long-term solutions will come from educating the next generation and preparing them to face the challenges of tomorrow. Future leaders must be equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to deal with social, economic, and environmental issues.

Communication and understanding people of different cultures is a way to build global awareness and combat prejudice. Projects that get people to exchange ideas and learn from each other can help tear down unwarranted stereotypes. A lot of misconceptions are a result of exaggerated fear of the unknown. Grow Purpose supports many projects that encourage interactions between diverse groups of people.

Project Okurase is a group that has been using a variety of methods to get people from Ghana and the USA to interact. In February, Grow Purpose helped the leaders of Project Okurase to coordinate a few programs for a group of 50 students that came to Charleston as part of a global studies program. The students participated in a number of activities and visited sites to trace some of the history between Africa and South Carolina. The students made visits to the Avery Research Center and Sullivan’s Island. They also visited the MUSC Urban farm to learn a little about health, nutrition and sustainable agriculture. Conservation and environmental issues were also addressed on their visit to the Avian Conservation Center and the Cape Romain Wildlife Refuge. These are all experiences that they intend to use to broaden their grasp of the events related to past and present circumstances and develop ways to address them. This trip combined with visits to the village in Ghana.

Dr. Cynthia Swenson and her team have been working on these issues for years. They use their knowledge and compassion to help others help themselves.

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