Electric Vehicles Can Make Offshore Oil Drilling Obsolete

Offshore oil drilling is an issue in the SC Lowcountry as it is in other parts of the US.

Fortunately, there is a path to make this practice obsolete.

Just ask our friend, Chris Carnevale, of Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE):

“By electrifying the transportation sector, we can make offshore drilling obsolete. Electric cars and trucks can effectively preempt the perceived need for any gasoline that could be produced by opening currently protected ocean areas in the United States to offshore drilling.

The Southeast has faced a near constant threat from offshore drilling in recent years, from Democratic and Republican administrations alike, even though the risks of drilling are immense and the benefits are meager and dwindling. Today, the burgeoning trend of transportation electrification stands to put a nail in the coffin of the misguided proposal to risk our precious coastline for oil.”


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