Public, not polluters, too often pay to clean up environment, EU auditors say

European Taxpayers Bear the Brunt for Corporate Polluters

“Taxpayers are too often being forced to pay to clean up environmental damage while the companies responsible dodge the costs, the European Court of Auditors said on Monday. 

The European Union’s executive Commission will propose rules this year to force companies to find and fix risks to human rights and the environment in their supply chains.

But so far, EU regulation has a patchy record on holding polluters responsible for the environmental damage they cause in Europe, and in some cases companies are not required to clean up after themselves, auditors said in a report.

“Polluters need to pay for the environmental damage they cause,” said report author Viorel Stefan. “Up to now, though, European taxpayers have far too often been forced to bear the costs that polluters should have paid.”



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