EVENT: 2021 Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference

From our friends at CISA (Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments)…

The impacts of extreme weather events and evidence of climate change are continuing to grow. So too is our understanding of the challenges we face, collectively, in adapting to these changes. Building resilience — the ability to adjust easily to or recover from a stress or change — is an important step in preparing to successfully address current and future pressures.

Now in its fourth convening, the Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference seeks to assist by providing a place to share experiences and knowledge about opportunities, resources, and local initiatives across a range of professions and regional experts. Although research findings will be shared, this conference is intended to foster real-world solutions to climate adaptation in the Carolinas.

The CCRC is a unique learning and networking opportunity connecting climate adaptation practitioners throughout the Carolinas.

This year’s CCRC program includes over 175 speakers in 38 sessions and 4 pre-conference workshops.

Sessions will include skill building exercises, oral presentations, lightning talks, poster presentations, and panel discussions covering a wide range of climate-related topics relevant to the Carolinas.

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Conference Agenda

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