Facing “The truth about carbon offsets”

If you’ve ever wondered if the concept of “offsetting” negative environmental impacts is a bit of wishful thinking, or worse, especially in the context of achieving “net-zero” emissions, here is a good explanation of why you were right.

“You’ve probably heard of carbon offsets in the context of taking a flight. Maybe you’ve taken a trip and you wanted to lessen your impact, so you looked into buying a carbon offset. For a relatively small sum, you found companies that will plant some trees for you, or support conservation in some area. This is most people’s experience with carbon offsets.

But the truth is, carbon offsets (and credits) are primarily a tool of large polluters, not individuals. This article is not here to flight-shame you. It’s here to illustrate how offsets are abused as part of net-zero pledges to project a good public image. Usually, they’re an accounting tool deployed to avoid making meaningful emissions reductions by the corporations most responsible for the climate crisis.”


BONUS VIDEO: “Murder Offsets”

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