FEB 23: Webinar – The Road to Plastic Free Waters

From our a collaboration amongst our friends…

Plastic pollution is a pervasive problem. It litters our neighborhood streets and local waterways. It affects wildlife and ultimately, our own health. A new study published in Environmental Science and Technology reports that we are not staying within safe boundaries for novel chemicals being released into the environment, including plastic, and that we have to do more to combat plastic pollution from its creation to disposal.

In this virtual workshop, join environmental leaders Dr. John Weinstein of The Citadel and Andrew Wunderly, the Charleston Waterkeeper who will present important plastic research they’re leading in Charleston, and Lia Colabello from Planet+Purpose Solutions who will discuss why it’s important for businesses to have sustainable practices and how the general public can identify and support these businesses. This workshop will be focused on solutions to plastic pollution issues, including joining the South Carolina Aquarium in a series of litter sweeps in the Westside and Hampton Park Terrace neighborhoods of the peninsula to better understand the composition and sources of litter in this important waterfront community.

Although specific to Charleston, this information and sweep series format can be used in any community. All workshop attendees will be offered litter sweep supplies including a reusable mesh bag, reusable gloves, and a clipboard with data sheets.

Feb 23, 2022 12:00 PM EST


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