Screenshot-The Power of Us Confronting Our Climate Change Crisis

FREE FILM EVENT: The Power of Us

Peril & Promise, a PBS media initiative, will host the online premiere of THE POWER OF US on February 4 at 6pm EST…

“Watch the new film The Power of Us in its digital premiere, followed by a panel discussion and Q&A about intergenerational climate change action. Moderated by Yessenia Funes, Climate Editor at Atmos Magazine, and featuring Saad Amer, Co-founder and Director of Plus1Vote, Jill Kubit, Co-founder and Director, DearTomorrow, Shreya Ramachandran, Founder, The Grey Water Project, and Jim and Ann Goodman, the discussion will delve into the power of communication when it comes to inspiring climate action, the critical role of voter engagement and activism in the fight, and how young people are taking action into their own hands.”


About The Power of Us:
“82-year-old retired Chicagoland engineer Jim Goodman and his wife Annie are alarmed about the ever more severe climate change crisis, and know their generation has failed to adequately address it. With the environmental clock ticking, the Goodmans enlist the aid of some equally concerned young people to unleash their creativity and usher in a new generation of climate change problem-solvers. The Power of Us underscores the urgency of the climate crisis and shows the power of an intergenerational, collaborative movement to fight climate change, with youth leading the charge into the future.”

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