Global Youth Demand End to Financing of Fossil Fuel

If we aren’t motivated enough to fight for the future of the planet, perhaps we will hear the plea of these young activists demanding that we act to protect their actual lives right now.

An excerpt from their CALL TO ACTION…

“On behalf of those who already bear the biggest costs of climate breakdown right now and will do for years to come, we demand world leaders protect our environment from all forms of pollution and exploitation.

They must ensure we breathe clean air and drink clean water and uphold our right to a healthy environment as we continue to fight for climate justice.

We refuse the presence of multinational companies that exploit our natural resources and bring no benefit to our communities in the Philippines, India, Colombia, Argentina, across the African continent and beyond.

We refuse to silently watch as corporations prioritise temporary economic wealth over the future of the planet and the well-being of billions of people.

While our nations focus on the economic recovery to Covid-19, we must ensure that environmental and social criteria are not left behind.”

To the ones controlling our money, we say: if you don’t want to do what is just, then do what is necessary. We are not fighting for the planet, we are fighting for our lives. World leaders, take us seriously: we need climate justice today, not tomorrow.

Help us build our future. Do not destroy it. We are counting on you.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan — Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines

Disha A Ravi — Fridays For Future India

Laura Veronica Muñoz — Fridays For future Colombia

Eyal Weintraub — Jóvenes Por El Clima Argentina

Nicole Becker — Jóvenes por El Clima Argentina

Kevin Mtai — Africa Continental Coordinator Earth Uprising



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