Green Business Spotlight: Sustainable Boots

Timberland recently announced that they are going all in on supporting regenerative agriculture and zero-waste production.

This is just one example how the fashion industry is beginning to incorporate principles of a circular economy into their businesses.


In order to continue to address the environmental impact of its operations and of the fashion industry at large, Timberland today announced a goal for its products to have a net positive impact on nature — giving back more than they take — by 2030.

“The environment today is in a degraded state. As a footwear and apparel brand, we are part of the problem,” said Colleen Vien, director of sustainability for Timberland. “For decades Timberland has worked to minimize our impact, but it’s time to do better than that. Imagine a boot that puts more carbon back into the land than was emitted during production. By following nature’s lead, and focusing on circular design and regenerative agriculture, we aim to tip the scales to have a net positive impact — to go beyond sustainability and help nature thrive. We are incredibly excited about this journey, and hope to inspire the industry as a whole to work together and change the trajectory of our collective future.”

Check out how Timberland plans to achieve these sustainable goals:

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