collaboration and compromise

Green Growth vs. Degrowth and the Fight for Environmental Justice

So what do you do when you can agree that there is a major problem to solve but you disagree on how best to solve it?

For starters, it might be helpful to search for common ground while acknowledging that complexity, compromise, and consensus-building might be essential if both sides are to avoid total failure.

We found this article on the conflict between “degrowth” and “green growth” environmental activists a compelling example of putting this approach into practice.

Green growth vs degrowth: are we missing the point?
It’s time to stop talking past each other and unite against the real enemies of environmental justice.

“For some this is a compelling and entertaining debate. But it is not going to be settled in a timeframe that is useful for maintaining a habitable planet.”

“The question we should ask is: can those who care about economic and environmental justice on either side of this divide — growth optimists and growth sceptics — agree on a basic set of demands that can stop us hurtling toward ecological collapse? I believe that we are closer to a consensus than might immediately seem to be the case, for six reasons.”



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