How to boost your staycation holiday home’s eco credentials

Opting to take a staycation close to home over a vacation abroad has many benefits. Not only do you get to explore your local surroundings and see your home in a different light, you get to contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet, too. If you’re lucky enough to be heading off to a holiday home that you call your own, you may be wondering how you can best boost your property’s eco credentials. To make for an even greener staycation, here are three changes you may want to make.

Work in partnership with local charities

For many, a staycation holiday home is a wonderful opportunity to bring in a little extra cash whenever you’re not staying in the property yourself. By renting your property out to holidaymakers, you’re putting one more staycation rental on the market – ultimately doing your bit for the local economy, and affording you an extra income that can be donated to local eco charities if you wish.

By seizing the opportunity to give back in this way, you can offset the footprint your property produces when it’s in use. Plus, having a scheme in which you give back is a great way to attract new customers to your property, and may even encourage them to take more staycations over vacations, further supporting your cause. By getting in touch with a local conservation or sustainability organisation, you may even discover a few new ways to further boost your eco credentials.

Upgrade your appliances

While it can seem like a big task, upgrading your holiday home’s appliances and energy systems are crucial to keeping it as eco-friendly as possible.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by switching to a green energy supplier, which will save you money on your bills, and also bring you one step closer to saving the planet. It’s also very simple to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products, and to install a smart thermostat. Similarly, you could also commit to stocking your holiday home’s cupboards with plant-based foods that have a lower carbon footprint, and add plenty of soft furnishings to reduce the need for heating when it’s cold outside.

To make a really impactful change, it’s worth considering upgrades to your home appliances and energy system – such as installing solar panels on the roof, or adding insulation to the structure of your house. There are plenty of upgrades that can be made, both big and small, that will make a huge difference to your home’s overall eco credentials.

Opt for eco-friendly entertainment

When we’re on holiday, we want to kick back, have fun and relax, and this is true for both vacations and staycations.

Luckily, it’s easy to choose eco-friendly entertainment and activities while you’re on your staycation. In fact, these can often make for a much more adventurous trip. For example, instead of relaxing in front of the television, you may want to head to the beach, or take a hike to explore the natural sights near your home. You could also equip your holiday home with plenty of games and puzzles that’ll keep you occupied in a way that doesn’t disturb or harm the environment.

It’s best to be mindful whenever you’re choosing your staycation activities, such as opting for a sustainable paddle boarding or surfing session over a jet ski or motor boat trip that will pollute natural ecosystems. If you want to make your holiday home as green but luxurious as possible, you could opt for a wood-fired hot tub that sources logs from sustainable local suppliers, over an electric tub with a higher carbon footprint.

A rewarding holiday

Many of us can find it hard to relax on holiday, particularly if we lead busy lives back at home and are used to constantly being on the move. By opting to make your holiday home more eco-friendly, you can feel free to slow the pace and get back to nature without guilt. Plus, you can feel good knowing that you’re making a real difference to the natural environment, and supporting a more sustainable future for the planet – a huge reward for simply choosing to take a trip a little closer to home.

If you do rent your home out while it’s not in use, in order for it to be truly eco-friendly, it’s important to have the buy-in of the holidaymakers that use it. Make sure you provide them with all the information they need, to help make it as easy as possible for them to live sustainably during their time in your home.

GUEST AUTHOR: Emily Martin
Emily enjoys doing her bit for the environment and giving back to her local community. She is committed to seeking out great sustainable staycation options, and sharing them with the loyal followers of her trusted travel blog.