King Tide Farms offers unusual greens

#GREENBIZ: “King Tide Farms offers unusual greens”

Tucked in the very back corner on Firefly Distillery’s grassy lawn sits a next-generation hydroponic farm inside a shipping container: King Tide Farms, owned and operated by lifelong Charlestonian Hamilton Horne. […]

King Tide grows vegetables one may have never tried or even heard of. For example, wasabi arugula — one leaf from the plant gives that sharpness of wasabi and disappears, a hit-and-run of spice to the tongue. Another is borage, a fuzzy, leafy plant that, when eaten, tastes exactly like a cucumber, and the red vein sorrel, a plant that can add citrus flavors to any salad mix. And for those who love the taste of cilantro, King Tide grows culantro, which has a longer leaf and a stronger flavor. Some Asian herbs are also grown in the container, too. Find plants like red shiso, Thai basil and mizuna.


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