GROW PURPOSE Profile: Dr Henry Fraser

Dr Henry Fraser is a man with such a long list of accomplishments it is hard to write a single post about him. There are too many prefixes and suffixes to his name to fit in one space without causing confusion. In the front of his name he may be known as Doctor, Senator, Professor and more. At the end of his name he may be known as GCM, BSc (Physiology), MBBS, PhD, FACP, FRCP and so on… Some know him as an author, politician, sketch artist, architectural historian, preservationist, agitator, organizer, comedian, story teller, or passionate Bajan. I am happy to know him as a friend.

Having achieved success in education at the Lodge School and University of the West Indies, he went on to many accomplishments in the medical studies and advocacy helping to address issues of obesity and chronic disease. Dr. Fraser served as the Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus in Barbados and became the driving force behind the Chronic Disease Research Centre which he headed as director until his resignation in 2005. In 2014, Sir Henry Fraser was named as a result of The Knighthood of St. Andrew being bestowed on him for his outstanding contribution to the medical profession and representation of Barbadian culture, especially in the area of its architectural history.

It was Henry Fraser’s book, the Barbados and Carolina Connection, that inspired so many of us such as Rhoda Green and myself, to look deeper into this fascinating story. Since that time the doctor has been busy writing books and advocating for the Island of Barbados. He continues to push for positive outcomes for Barbados in his always entertaining column: “Things That Matter” published weekly in the Barbados Advocate.

I have had the pleasure of showing Dr Fraser and his lovely wife, Maureen around Charleston on several of their visits to Charleston. I have also been thrilled to be entertained at their house in Barbados, which was also the former home of the notorious pirate, Stede Bonnet. The hospitality of the Fraser’s is beyond phenomenal. We both serve on the board of the Barbados and Carolina Legacy Foundation.

Learn more about Dr Fraser from his website and be sure to purchase one of his excellent books, especially the “Barbados and Carolina Connection”.

– Ian


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