Growing Purpose Through Collaborative Community Building


Getting good ideas off the ground can be difficult and frustrating.  It takes time to build relationships with the  and learn about a particular area and resource.

The truth of the matter is, I have been doing similar work my whole life with the following simple philosophy:

“Use what you know, to do things you care about with people you trust”.

I have been extremely fortunate to work with excellent friends and colleagues that I have known for many years to foster meaningful ventures that uplift the community.  My area of experience has been in engaging education, social entrepreneurship, and the outdoor economy.  My real talent has been in building relationships with people smarter than me to collaborate and expand our work.

Last year, with the help of my friend, Todd, I launched a new business called Grow Purpose Network and put a name to what a number of us do:

“Collaborative Community Building”

GPN focuses on identifying needs in the community, putting together project-based solutions, and finding the people and resources to make them happen.  These projects are either ideas we come up with or projects that come to us through our network.

We provide our own expertise or find the talent to make these projects happen.  We provide administrative support, technical expertise,  publicity, human resources or what ever is needed to make the project run smoothly.

Our level of involvement varies on the project.

We are usually compensated as contractors from part of the over-all funding of the project or per the service we provide.  Our main focus is to make sure these projects are successful.  Part of what we do is work out creative funding solutions. Everything we do is based on transparency and high moral integrity.

Although we do a lot of work in our local community of Charleston, South Carolina, we also bring together expertise and resources from projects around the globe.

Our combined years of experience in for-profit and non-profit ventures, access to a wide network of relations of various relations, and technical skills have uniquely positioned us to use an objective, collaborative approach to help others overcome pain and frustration to make projects be successful.

As community collaborators, we work together and support each other’s projects while focusing on our own area of expertise.

You can learn about the people we have worked with and the projects that we have supported by browsing through our website.

We look forward to working with you.




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