Benefits of C0mmercial Solar

For years, the potential of commercial solar energy remained largely overlooked as businesses hesitated to embrace it due to the absence of incentives and installation services. The landscape has changed significantly in recent years. There are numerous benefits for commercial properties that invest in renewable energy, and the economic conditions have never been more favorable for transitioning to solar power.

How does solar energy reduce overhead costs?

Electricity usage accounts for a significant portion of business operating costs. With solar panels, businesses can replace the electricity they draw from the grid with renewable energy.

Solar panels offer businesses energy independence from the grid. If your company installs solar panels, you can offset almost all your electricity consumption, dramatically reducing electricity bills and resulting in 25+ years of savings.

However, if you need energy at night, storing solar power with solar batteries, charging them during the day, and using the stored energy at night is possible. With a combination of solar panels and batteries, you can become 100% energy independent and enjoy even better long-term savings.
Combined with incentives, your ROI period could last as little as five years. That leaves you with two decades of reduced operating costs.

Solar energy is low maintenance

Once installed, solar panels are durable, reliable, and easy to care for. They don’t require much maintenance, apart from an occasional cleaning every six months or annually. Since cleaning solar panels comes down to removing debris and wiping them (gently), solar energy is one of the least expensive energy sources to maintain.

The benefits of green energy

Renewable energy has become very popular, so consumers gravitate toward businesses that run their operations sustainably. Investing in solar energy shows customers you care about the environment and develops a green brand image.

Similar changes can be seen in the property market, with more and more buyers searching for solar-ready buildings. Solar panels increase property value by around 4%. Going solar is a win-win situation because even if you sell your property, you’ll recover your investment, and the new owner will also be able to run a sustainable business.

Renewable energy is the most straightforward way to begin reducing your carbon footprint. Replacing non-renewable energy with renewable energy removes tonnes of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, allowing the air to recover from air pollution and reducing the risk of various diseases. Solar energy isn’t just good for the environment and your bottom line but also for your health.

Why should my business switch to solar?

The most significant benefit any business can gain from solar energy is the savings that will increase yearly as energy inflation rockets out of control.

You may wonder why your electricity bills have risen recently, especially if your electricity consumption has remained unchanged. You’ve probably heard about energy inflation, and while it’s true that the demand for non-renewable energy sources is driving prices up, there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.

Did you know that 75% of our utility grid is over 25 years old? Many utility companies supply energy through infrastructure built over 50 years ago. Unsurprisingly, the US is set to spend $160 billion on grid repairs in 2023! Unfortunately, the repair costs trickle down to homeowners and businesses, reflected in our monthly electricity bills. The next time you receive a hefty electricity bill, look at delivery charges.

Lastly, an unstable grid can indirectly cause your business significant losses. Power outages cost US businesses an estimated $150 billion annually. This increase in power outages is partially due to climate change and primarily due to the excess strain on the outdated utility grid. If you invest in solar energy with battery backup, you’ll never have to lose out on sales because of a power outage again.

Find Out More About Commercial Solar Energy

Doing your research before going solar is important. From understanding what types of commercial solar installations are available to you, to exploring financing options and incentives, each step of solar installation needs your input. After all, you know what is best for your business.

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Lorna Earl is committed to raising awareness surrounding the current environmental challenges faced by an ever-evolving world. She strives to generate interest in solar by creating informative, fact-based blogs and articles, as well as encouraging solar adoption through her writing. Outside of her life as a writer, she enjoys spending time with a good book or helping rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.