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GUIDE: “How to enjoy US national parks responsibly” recently published a super useful guide on how to travel responsibly to our National Parks. And it couldn’t come at a better time.

“During the lockdowns, you may have felt the benefits of spending time outdoors. Perhaps you want to encourage your whole family to enjoy nature more. This guide will explore the value of spending time outdoors in US national parks – including a look at why we feel so good outside, why US national parks are some of the most amazing outdoor spaces, and how to enjoy them safely.”

This unique guide takes a deep dive into a range of topics including

01. The value of spending time outdoors

02. Insights into popular US national parks

03. Spending your time responsibly

04. Useful links & resources



The US National Park Service is “now responsible for more than 400 separate areas making up about 85 million acres, including national parks, national preserves, monuments, recreation areas, seashores, lakeshores, historic parks and sites, parkways, scenic trails, and battlefields.”

We sure didn’t!

As the title suggests, responsible tourism is really at the heart of this guide. The 7 principles of ‘Leave No Trace’ are central to this endeavor, as is the focus on conservation efforts in support of animals, landscapes, waterways, antiquities and the many natural wonders found in our national parks. And it is this emphasis which makes this guide so special. It recognizes our need to get back out in nature but manages to remind us gently, and beautifully, that we need to do so responsibly.

There are lots of useful resources throughout the guide, like the interactive parks map and the many safety tips, to name a few, but the guide concludes by packing in a few more resources that will surely be appreciated by folks planning a thoughtful trip to our national parks!


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