How to Protect the Most Vulnerable from Climate Change

The negative impacts of climate change disproportionately impact lower income people and communities.

But was can do something about that injustice while we fight to reduce climate change.

“Climate change is already affecting the planet, increasing the likelihood or intensity of events like floods, heatwaves, and drought, and inflicting billions of dollars worth of damage. But climate change will not affect everyone equally.”

“Lower-income economies and populations may face the biggest impacts. This is because they often depend on outdoor work like in agriculture, or rely on natural capital, both of which are vulnerable to a changing climate. And with less financial means to adapt, the poor could be left far more exposed—a trend true within both developing and developed countries.”

“The good news is that in many parts of the world, acting now presents an opportunity to effectively manage these risks. Here are three imperatives for stakeholders.”


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