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In 2022, the world will see a significant increase in sustainable packaging initiatives. This is due to a number of factors, including public awareness of the environmental impacts of packaging, the growth of sustainable product lines, and the increasing cost of unsustainable packaging.

Consumers are now more aware of the impacts of their buying decisions on the environment. A report by IBM supports this claim. It shows that six out of ten consumers surveyed would be willing to adopt more environmentally-friendly shopping habits.

People who think that sustainability is very important would even pay a premium for environmentally responsible brands.

Those are attitudes that now dictate brand choices, and they have compelled many companies to adopt more sustainable business practices. Companies are exploring various ways to take advantage of this trend, such as using environmentally-friendly packaging.

Sustainable packaging uses materials that are either renewable or recycled. Items that are manufactured are also usually made using clean production techniques and best practices. With the help of green packaging, consumers are able to shop successfully, it is safe, and it is healthy for them throughout their lives.

It is obvious that the companies that use eco-friendly wrapping materials have many advantages, but they also compete with more and more businesses that utilize eco-friendly wrapping materials to provide valuable products.

In order to stay competitive, manufacturers must step up and get more creative when it comes to the use of sustainable packaging. You can choose packaging designs that are simple and minimalistic to extravagant. Here below is the infographic created by Bagitan Packaging company, the infographic introduces seven simple yet effective packaging ideas that you can use to help your brand stand out.


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1. Minimalist

The best kind of minimalist packaging uses only one or two types of materials and does not contain distracting graphic designs. It is very simple to create effective brand messages. By recognizing that the product is good, they will be able to make a quick purchase decision.

2. Mono-material

Some manufacturers also add several other things like laminations, coatings, and labels to their packages to make them waterproof and stronger. However, these kinds of things do not meet the criteria for being environmentally friendly.

3. Edible Packaging

A recently emerging trend in the food and beverage industry is the use of edible packaging. We provide a variety of edible packaging, from cups to protein bar wrappers. We provide edible packaging that is consumable and digestible.

4. Bioplastics

Bioplastics are organic alternatives to plastic materials, made from biomass that is renewable, such as wheat, cassava, sugar cane, and corn. Using bioplastic packaging reduces the reliance on plastics and, as a result, reduces the use of fossil fuel-based inputs.

5. Plantable Packaging

Using the latest technology, companies can offer new capabilities that they have never seen before. Some innovations are important, for example, plantable packaging.

6. Returnable Packaging

Businesses are reviving the tradition of reusing product packaging, by enabling consumers to return containers and other forms of packaging. Some commerce companies even give money to their customers when they return packages.

7. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes have been used for many years when it comes to the packaging of goods. What’s more, their practicality, versatility, and durability still make them a top choice for businesses. They are also environmentally friendly because they are made from recyclable and compostable materials.

Final Words

It’s clear that sustainable packaging is gaining popularity. In 2022, we will see more companies adopt eco-friendly packaging to provide valuable products to consumers. In order to stay competitive, manufacturers must step up their game and get creative when it comes to the use of sustainable packaging.

Guest Author: Frank Ouyang

Frank Ouyang is the founder of Bagitan Packaging Company – a leading paper packaging manufacturer from China that provides business-to-business (B2B) transactions with wholesalers and distributors across the globe. In addition to his love for the packaging industry, Frank is also dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs to run better businesses.


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