INNOVATION: Blimps are Back!

And it’s about time!

“For those fancying a trip from Liverpool to Belfast or Barcelona to the Balearic Islands but concerned about the carbon footprint of airplane travel, a small Bedford-based company is promising a surprising solution: commercial airships.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV), which has developed a new environmentally friendly airship 84 years after the Hindenburg disaster, on Wednesday named a string of routes it hoped to serve from 2025.”

“Tom Grundy, HAV’s chief executive, who compares the Airlander to a “fast ferry,” said: “This isn’t a luxury product; it’s a practical solution to challenges posed by the climate crisis.”

He said that 47 percent of regional airplane flights connect cities that are less than 230 miles (370km) apart, and emit a huge about of carbon dioxide doing so. “We’ve got aircraft designed to travel very long distances going very short distances, when there is actually a better solution,” Grundy said. “How much longer will we expect to have the luxury of traveling these short distances with such a big carbon footprint?”


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