INTERVIEW: April Jones and the Pinehurst Farmers Market

We are big fans of Fiona Martin’s Eco-Interviews.
Check out the latest installment featuring a talk with SC food justice advocate, April Jones.

“In the Pinehurst neighborhood, located in sunny Columbia, South Carolina, April Jones founded the Pinehurst Farmers Market almost two years ago because she saw that the two grocery stores within a mile walking distance in the Pinehurst neighborhood closed suddenly, at the same time. She realized that a food apartheid area had been created in her neighborhood.

April was inspired by legendary farmer Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm to be the change she was looking for in her Pinehurst Community. “If you are looking for someone to save you, no one is coming. You will have to save yourself,” Says Penniman. Those words were a call to action for Jones to create a solution to the issue of food access in the Pinehurst neighborhood. The vision was created to form a self-reliant, self-sustainable plan of action that would create healthy, organic food options for the community that would support the local economy and give residents access to food sovereignty.”








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