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Meet 14 Latinx Food Changemakers

The inspiring folks at Food Tank have put together another great list. Check out the Latinx leaders around the nation making a positive impact on our food system.

“Latinx individuals make up the majority of farm workers harvesting food in the United States, yet one in every six Latinx households faces hunger. “[Farm workers] harvest the food that we eat and sometimes they don’t have food on their table,” President of United Farm Workers (UFW), Teresa Romero, tells Food Tank.

But Latinx individuals, groups, and communities are working to eliminate these inequities and create positive change in the food system. Farmers like Eduardo Rivera are growing culturally appropriate foods, organizations like GrowHaus and El Centro Amistad are educating their communities about healthy eating, and others are supporting the next generation of Latinx farmers.

In recognition of National Latinx Heritage Month, Food Tank is celebrating the contributions of Latinx individuals across the food system. From advocates for farm worker justice to agricultural researchers to cookbook authors, here are 14 examples of Latinx individuals working to revolutionize the way we eat.”


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