We really enjoy helping people. And we keep finding new ways, and new friends, to help us do it. If you have an idea for another unique service our network could offer, please let us know. For now, here are some additional services available from Grow Purpose Network

  • ECO-SALVAGE, RE-USE & CLEAN-UP: Don’t throw it away! Food, furniture, old tech gadgets, whatever. We’ll find a new home for stuff when you are done with it or make sure it gets recycled properly. We’ll also help you sort through your storage unit, house or garage to make the task more simple.
  • GET IT WRITE: We’ll help you edit your written work including letters, applications, resumes, flyers, etc.
  • RESEARCH REPORTS: Tell us what you want to find or know more about and we’ll give you an in-depth report.
  • PETS & PLANTS: We can help you design custom aquarium, reptile and other animal habitats. We also offer pet and plant care in your home or office.
  • PEOPLE CARE: From infants to elderly, we like looking out for our fellow humans. We offer specialized support services ranging from holding your infant at night to running errands for the elderly.
  • COACHING: We offer youth sports training (soccer, tennis, fitness) as well as teen fashion and values mentoring
  • YARD & GARDEN: edible landscaping and vermiculture are just a few of the outdoor services we have to offer.