shellfish and environmental impact

RESEARCH: The Potential Low Environmental Impact of Shellfish

It’s never been a better time to consider ways to reduce the environmental impact of your diet. Now research is showing us that shellfish can be a .good option

“When we think of eating a diet that is more environmentally friendly, we usually imagine a plant-based diet. However, there are other ways to reduce the impact of your meals have on the planet, and one of them is by eating shellfish.

Many people are trying to reduce their impact on the environment. Some recent research found that 32% of customers are highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, while 28% of consumers have actually stopped buying a product because of its environmental impact (Deloitte). As so many people are making their lives more sustainable, people have of course been examining their diets.

It’s long been established that reducing meat consumption is a way to lower your carbon footprint. But recent research suggests that replacing meat with shellfish could rival plant-based eating in terms of low environmental impact. This is because of a few factors, including space allocated for farming, and the eco-systems created during shellfish aquaculture. Here, I’ll take you through the ways that eating shellfish can be great for the planet.”


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