RESOURCE: K-12 Enviroscape Loaner Program

Check out this great resource created by the SC Sea Grant Consortium…

S.C. Sea Grant Education Program: Enviroscape Loaner Program

The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium offers use of their Wetlands Enviroscape Model free-of-charge to any S.C. K-12, nonformal, and homeschool educator. The Wetlands Enviroscape Model provides a hands-on demonstration about how watersheds can be affected by development, pollution, and other human-made and natural impacts. Included as part of the demonstration are ways in which potential pollution impacts can be mitigated (e.g., riparian buffers and salt marshes).


About the S.C. Sea Grant Education ProgramMore than half of the current workforce in marine-related fields will soon be eligible for retirement. There is a high demand for trained marine science professionals as well as a workforce skilled in STEM (science-technology-engineering-math) disciplines. The S.C. Sea Grant Consortium provides K-12 educator training, resources, and education programs, as well as undergraduate and graduate support to further science education at all student levels.


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