SC EV stakeholders report

RESOURCE: SC Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Initiative Report

the South Carolina Energy Office (Energy Office) released the Electric Vehicle (EV) Stakeholder Initiative Report that summarizes opportunities to advance EV deployment in South Carolina. The Report features the collaborative work of over 350 diverse stakeholders to examine the legislative and regulatory landscape for EV access and adoption, identify challenges and opportunities, and develop actionable recommendations for South Carolina.

The EV Stakeholder Initiative was launched in November 2020 by the Energy Office with the assistance of the Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. The resulting Electric Vehicle Stakeholder Initiative Report contains recommendations from stakeholders which range from statewide awareness efforts to the development of a statewide electrification roadmap.

“We appreciate the work and dedication of each and every stakeholder who has been an integral part of the Report,” said Sara Bazemore, Director of the Energy Office. “While every recommendation presented in the Report does not reflect consensus, the recommendations do reflect collaborative discussions of voluntary stakeholder working groups.

The report can be viewed online at

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