Sea Level Rise Maps & Mapping Tools

There are a number of tools available to help visualize sea level rise predictions and make sea level rise projections. Information is important to educate, plan, and make policy decisions. Sea level rise data can be boring and hard to understand. These are 5 sea level rise map tools that can help urban planners, community leaders, businesses, educators, and anyone else clearly understand the consequences of climate change, how it will directly affect them and their communities and what they need to do to build resilience.

Climate Central Surging Seas Tools

Climate Central Is a nonprofit research organization that launched the first interactive online map presenting sea level and coastal flood risk information for the entire contiguous USA in 2012. They have added new tools such as detailed local projections and analysis of over 100 infrastructure and population variations.  The organization is run by top researchers using data that is anchored in peer reviewed science.  In addition to sea level rise interactive map, the website offers fact sheets, reports, map images and data for planning, vulnerability assessments, emergency preparedness efforts, research, policy analysis, public presentations, education and training.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Sea Level Mapping Tool

NOAA offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help provide visual data related to water depth, connectivity, flood frequency, socio-economic vulnerability, wetland loss and migration, and mapping confidence.  The tools provide clickable camera icons to display flood zone scenarios in urban areas as well as marsh and wetland sea level rise and sediment accretion.  Their tools are more complex, so NOAA provides information files, tutorials, and training to help users get the most from them. Sea Level Rise Stories

Earth Time Sea Level rise tool provides a user friendly, interactive sea level rise map of the world to show global sea level rise projections based on scenarios of the Paris Accord.  You can use the  tool to zoom in anywhere in the world and watch how rising seas will affect coastal communities of all the different countries. It will really open your eyes.

Information is Beautiful Sea Level Attack

The Information is Beautiful “When Sea Levels Attack” tool provides a graph of major cities all over the world and lets users watch what happens depending on what different levels of sea level rise.  It gives a more simple and direct visualization that is easy to understand for most audiences.

FITZLAB 60year Climate Predictions for North America

Matthew Fitzpatrick and Robert Dunn from the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Department have designed a tool that actually lets users predict what the effects of climate change will have on US cities over the next 60years.  Users can search any city in the US and type in scenarios of the changes according to other cities with similar climates. For example, you can see how Florida sea level rise compares to North Carolina and how the climates may become similar. It also gives options for visualizing the scenario according to different adjustments emissions over the same time period.

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