Rolling out Red Carpet Charleston to Help Newcomers get Connected

So you have moved to Charleston, now what?

When successful people move to Charleston, they are often looking for things to do and ways to serve a purpose in the Charleston community. They would like to connect with like minded people and get involved with activities and projects that they are passionate about.

Sometimes it is hard to break into a new place and meet the local people. People want to get connected but don’t know where to start. There are excellent folks who come to Charleston with ideas and resources that they would love to use to benefit the community, but do not seem to know how to reach the right people. Many get frustrated and feel isolated or overwhelmed with the task of becoming part of the social fabric of our city. It seems to be daunting and difficult to break out of the social bubbles. Some folks would like to reach across different cultures and socioeconomic groups, but have no idea how. Most people just stay with the same small group they feel comfortable with. At the same time, there are all kinds of amazing things going on in Charleston that many people do not know about. Many local people and projects could greatly benefit from these newcomers and would welcome them with open arms if they only new about them.

That is why we have teamed up with Ruthie Ravenel and Erik Flegal who have created a great networking event called Red Carpet Charleston.  This unique event is targeted towards recent arrivals who have achieved success in their lives and are now interested in sharing and becoming part of the Charleston community to support causes they believe in.

Ruthie and Erik are the perfect combination to understand their target audience and bring together resources to meet their needs.  Ruthie is a local realtor and community leader from a family that has served a prominent role in Charleston for generations.  Eric is a recent arrival with a passion for business and networking who comes to Charleston with fresh ideas to address some of the issues he experienced as a newcomer.

“We see a future where Charleston is the most welcoming and most equipped city in the USA in which to build a business and raise a family.

We’ve developed an invitation-only event series for new residents to quickly integrate into the fabric of Charleston – both professionally and personally. Focusing on high level executives and decision makers who are new to the area, the series is designed to provide meaningful introductions, connections and recommendations among these C-level recruits and their counterparts who are already successful, well established leaders in the community. Formatted as a cocktail party, our quarterly events provide concierge-level, personalized recommendations and introductions to ensure participants can engage with the Charleston community as seamlessly as possible.

This exclusive group of participants will be welcomed to Charleston quarterly at prestige locations in the area. We’re investing in this effort to make it easier for leading executives and individuals with means to invest back in the community.”

Each one of the Red Carpet Charleston events is meant to connect new residents to established business and philanthropic leaders within the city. The events are carefully curated with a diverse group of presenters, and attendance is capped at 50 people total to allow each attendee the ability to meet everyone in the room.

Grow Purpose is also well positioned to help newcomers make connections and introduce them to the many relations we have established over the years. This will help us find more support for the wonderful people and projects that are building a better Charleston as well as help new arrivals feel welcome and make meaningful connections that relate to their passions.


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