T2T Trash to Treasure concept

TrashWhat if we could get groups to work together in a way that taught a full system approach to clean up communities, inspire entrepreneurship, and connect businesses to local people  by turning trash into treasure?

Imagine young people with their mentors, picking up trash in the streets as they walk behind a marching band. Imagine watching them learn how to turn the plastic, metal, and glass trash into usable products and learn to build businesses to sell those products.  Imagine them learning how to convert the other trash into renewable energy while producing compost and bio-char.  Imagine them using compost to enrich the soil to produce healthy food as they learn about sustainable agriculture.  Imagine a massive collaboration of non-profits, businesses, artisans, and community partners working together to create jobs, reduce pollution, improve health, and generate revenue for families.  That is the idea behind the trash to treasures project.

This would be a long term project where we put particular focus on a group of diverse students and follow them through a series of programs where they learn entrepreneurship and self reliance, develop life skills, and learn healthy habits and behaviors. They will also be introduced to STEAM education and learn full cycle thinking that will prepare them to face the challenges of the future.  Although we focus on a core group, we invite others to participate as well.


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