The benefits of a green, just recovery from COVID

According to the Mayor of Milan and other C40 mayors around the world, a green and just recovery from COVID would bring both jobs and improved health to his city and others.

“As C40 mayors, today we are launching new research which shows a green and just recovery will create more jobs faster and deliver greater economic and health benefits than a return to business as usual. If done quickly and decisively enough, a green stimulus could finally put the world on track to keep global heating under 1.5°C.

If governments use stimulus funding to try to return to ‘business as usual’ before COVID, run-away climate breakdown will be locked in. It is only through a green and just recovery based on the principles of a Global Green New Deal – with a focus on urban priorities such as mass transit, clean energy, energy-efficient buildings, and walking and cycling – that emissions will start to fall.”



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