Screenshot-He’s bringing solar power to Puerto Rico — and political power to its people

The Clean Energy Revolution Can Change More than Just the Environment

Transforming energy systems is an opportunity to achieve broader social goals as well.

“Arturo Massol-Deyá believes solar panels will bring power to the people of Puerto Rico — in more ways than one.

Massol-Deyá is associate director of Casa Pueblo, a nonprofit that, since 1991, has installed close to 1,000 solar panels on homes and businesses throughout Adjuntas, a small mountainside town southwest of San Juan. Beyond providing cheap, renewable energy, Massol-Deyá hopes a growing network of microgrids will help Puerto Ricans break their dependence on an unreliable electrical system and a colonial governing structure that has plunged the island into debt, cut social services, and denied residents a voice in federal politics.”

“In October, Casa Pueblo finished its most ambitious project yet.”


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