Win-Win with Collaborative Crowdfunding


Let us help you with your crowdfunding campaign,

for free.


GrowPurpose has partnered with GoGetFunding in order to create a win-win partnership with local nonprofit groups. If you are planning to run a crowdfunding campaign, we are interested in partnering with you to improve the reach and efficacy of your campaign.

Our collaborative partners will receive

  • free promotion for their campaign, on and all of our social media channels
  • free technical assistance: strategic development; editing; graphic design ; and online implementation and integration if needed

So how can this be free?

As with our regular consulting services, we strive to get paid from funders rather than from our clients. In this case, GoGetFunding shares a portion of their fees with us, at no extra cost to you. Additionally, all our proceeds from our collaborative campaigns will be earmarked to support CharlestonGOOD, our charitable grassroots media outlet and nonprofit support network.

So working with us is truly a win-win for the Lowcountry!

If you are interested, please visit GoGetFunding via our partnership link and check out how they stack up against other crowdfunding platforms. We chose to work with them because their fees (4%) are lower than the industry average and because they offer more features than their competitors in the same fee range.

Once you have signed up, let us know so we can start collaborating!


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